OpenXBL 3.0 is now LIVE!

The next iteration of OpenXBL includes a lot of exciting new changes — rewritten ground up!

New & Improved Endpoints

Existing endpoints were tested for missing or incomplete data and have been updated to work as expected. New endpoints have been added to manage and create sessions for party chat.

Updated HTTP Status Codes & Error Messaging

Some endpoints were identified to return incorrect HTTP status codes or missing error messaging. OpenXBL 3.0 has been overhauled to correct this known issue to make handling these situations in your app much easier.

Improved API Console

Using the OpenAPI standard we have updated the console to run on Swagger. You will be able to test all endpoints directly from the page in real-time.


Review the last 30 days of api logs for your account. This will help you identify possible performance improvements with your apps.


New and improved subscriptions have been added to fit everyones need and budget. This will be provided through Stripe Customer Portal for easy and secure billing management.