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Xbox Live API







About OpenXBL


OpenXBL made its first debut on September 24, 2015 with 10 available endpoints. It was a side project at the time which quickly rolled into a large scale application. On Janurary 24, 2017 we released an extension on the XenForo marketplace to showcase the extendability of OpenXBL which in turn gained more API activity and attraction. Within the first few months after release, OpenXBL was already processing more than 10,000 API requests a month.


OpenXBL offers over 20 endpoints and has a growing GitHub account with examples to get developers off the ground running. The "XBLIO INSIDER" subscription allows developers to unlock additional service resources which increases their hourly rate limit from 500 to 5,000.


Xbox Live has over 48,000,000 players registered with no development community. We believe gaming platforms survive on community. We took it upon ourselves to break the glass wall and make it as simple as possible to use Xbox Live in creative ways. Many great online communities exist due to likeminded developers who put heart into what they do. Let us help you.